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XML Interview Questions And Answers

Generally, REST is preferred due to its simplicity, performance, scalability, and support for multiple data formats. However, SOAP is favorable to use where service requires an advanced level of security and transactional reliability. But you can read the following facts before opting for any of the styles. API testing interview questions can be unlimited regarding of the number of questions and area covered. Although the above answers might not fully be used in your interview, we do hope it somehow provides the solid understanding on Web API testing and gets you ready for the upcoming job and project related to API testing.

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XML Interview Questions & Answers

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What are some architectural styles for creating a Web API? Who can use a Web API? What is API Testing? What are the advantages of API Testing? Some common protocols used in API testing? What is the test environment of API?

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What are principles of an API test design? What are the common API testing types? What is the procedure to perform API testing? What must be checked when performing API testing? What is the best approach method to perform API testing? What are tools could be used for API testing? What are major challenges faced in API testing? What are the testing methods that come under API testing?

Why is API testing considered as the most suitable form for Automation testing? What are common API errors that often founded? What kinds of bugs that API testing would often find?

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What is API documentation? What are API documentation templates that are commonly used? When writing API document, what must be considered? How often are the APIs changed and, more importantly, deprecated? What is REST? What is the most popular way to represent a resource in REST? What are some key characteristics of REST? SoapUI can help create functional, security and load testing test suites.

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SoapUI Pro does all that with advanced drag and drop, Data Driven testing, advanced reporting and coverage analysis. In SoapUI, XPath assertion is used for asserting the web service response value by specifying the absolute path. We can see the results of assertion at bottom of the screen where the Assertion tab will have resultant information. Later, we need to iterate the data source using respective component.

Receive a response to a request as you normally would follow the below steps:. To add assertions: — Click on the Add Assertions at the top of log tabs. Groovy is a scripting language which internally includes all the Java libraries — it helps us to customize and add custom validations to SoapUI tests. The basic Test suite is a way for us to group tests in SoapUI.

When you need a different set of tests, you just have to create a new test suite and create tests as required under it as test cases. These properties are added several times based on our needs and they can be utilized at any test suites, test cases or test steps that belong to the current project. The tester can add his own properties with relevant information under the test suites.

These properties are available for the corresponding test suite only. Test case Level Properties: If the tester needs to store their test data within the test cases they can create their own properties inside the test case.

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So these properties can be accessed within the respective test cases. The parameterizing feature is most important when we automate the test cases and also this is the beginning of the test step creation process. Let us have a look into this. Resource Description Framework- RDF contains the description of the web resources such as title, author, content, and copyright information. It is written using XML. The above are some typical SoapUI based questions. Interviewers are more interested in knowing your experiences and expertise — rather than the ability to answer few trivia based questions.

As always, we hope that this endeavour of ours was of help to you. Please post more questions if you have any and we might do a follow-up article to address them.

Sap grc interview questions and answers

Also, share your experiences and your answers below. Groovy is a dynamic language which runs on the Java platform.