Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...

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Waiting for Karl Rove, a Snarky Road Trip Memoir by Kat Nove and Jeni Decker

If they want their polo ponies to wear platinum-plated horseshoes, who cares if those horseshoes might have fed a dozen starving children for a year? I might even splurge and hire a cute college student to flirt with me while he drives me to the grocery store. I might consider buying them a few cans of cat food to alleviate their depression. I would become a world traveler and convince every single person in every other nation that all Americans are as fabulous as I am.

After achieving world peace, I would be suitably humble in my Nobel Peace Prize winning speech. I was astounded to learn there are inch long edible capsules filled with gold flakes. The end result is sparkly shit. I can only imagine rich people oohing and aahing over their sparkly shit as they toss back glasses of overpriced wine. No thanks. I got home late this evening and prepared to stay up all night to watch what was supposed to be a close recall election between Governor Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett in Wisconsin. I applaud the citizens of Wisconsin, and particularly the public sector union members for working so hard to recall Walker, the only governor in the country with his own legal defense fund.

Somehow I doubt Walker is using his to upgrade his dinner menu. Scott Walker outspent Tom Barrett by approximately seven to one. These two guys are the worst siblings since the Menendez brothers.

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Which reminds me, did anyone do an autopsy on old man Koch? Did Charles and David Koch have alibis for the day of his death? Just wondering. Oh, fuck. I turned off the tv. Silence is golden, or in my case — copper. Where was I?

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Oh, yeah. On January 21, , with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons who are guaranteed free speech. Democrats also receive contributions from corporations, but are mostly financed by small donors and unions. If the unions go, most of us will go as well.

British Airways Safety Video Sequel - The Director's Cut

My vote never counts because I live in Texas. I never vote against my own self-interest and it almost tickles me to see how many people do. Drink up tonight, middle-class Americans who support these types of policies. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Real hard. But thanks. October 7, Now, we're at a point where people want to play politics with it, and that's fine. I would simply ask that everybody who's playing politics with this be asked to comment about what they think about the removal of U.

The electronic conversation between two White House officials dated January 6, , says, "Rove stopped by to asked how we plan to proceed regarding U. Allow all to stay? Requests resignations from all and accept only some? Or selectively replace them? However, the White House has provided no documentation supporting that.

Karl Rove Beats the Democrats Again - The New York Times

So, why does this matter? Democrats, like New York Senator Chuck Schumer, pounded on this newly-surfaced e-mail, saying this is just another example of the White House not being up front about Rove's role, and that he is insisting he be compelled to testify before Congress. The White House says this is more partisan politics aimed at damaging the administration.

Now, this battle comes to a head later today, with the Senate deadline for White House lawyers to decide whether Rove, Miers and other White House staff will testify before Congress or whether the White House will invoke executive privilege. O'BRIEN: The battle comes to a head today with a Senate deadline for White House lawyers to say whether they're going to Rove, Miers, and other staff to testify before Congress, or whether they're going to invoke executive privilege. The latest now on the fight for Iraq.

The Pentagon using the words "civil war" to describe some of the fighting.

And the U. Barbara Starr is live for us at the Pentagon this morning. Good morning, Barbara.

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Well, that so-called troop surge keeps surging. Now, an additional 3, troops are going to head to Iraq. This is a request from General David Petraeus, the top commander. He has said he needs another combat aviation brigade.

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What are we talking about? About up to 3, troops with dozens of helicopter gun ships, troop transport helicopters, that sort of thing. All of it now to support the higher level of troops on the ground. They are moving the troops around rapidly as they continue this security operation and security sweep. So they want more helicopters. And that's not even the biggest problem right now.

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Soledad, they are looking at how they are going to sustain this higher level of troops, at least through early Some Army sources say they are preparing to extend the tour of duty for still more units on the ground -- Soledad. That will be interesting, the fallout from that.

Have they said exactly when the unit is going to leave for Baghdad? It was going to leave in June. By all accounts, Defense Secretary Robert Gates signed orders speeding it up yesterday. It will now leave possibly as early as May, just as soon as they can. That's how urgent the need is right now for more troops in Iraq -- Soledad. Barbara Starr for us at the Pentagon. Thank you, Barbara, as always. Back on Capitol Hill, Democrats are trying to force a troop withdrawal, facing another fight and another defeat.

A bill in the House calls for troops to leave Iraq by September 1st of In the Senate, a resolution failed. That one called for troops to come home in four months -- Miles. CNN's Tom Foreman takes us inside those shocking revelations. So, what anti-terror officials are most interested in learning from this former North Carolina college student is how terrorists think. BUTLER: What do they do to segregate different parts of an operation so that if one person is caught -- they may not know about who the other people are?

How do they finance themselves? All the things that the intelligence community and the law enforcement community are trying to use to stop active plots. Mohammed, however, in edited court documents provided by the Pentagon, says in his broken English, "Many Taliban do not agree about why we are in Afghanistan. They have never been with al Qaeda. How much that affected his testimony is unknown, but he talks about how al Qaeda pursues military, economical and political targets. That could suggest strikes on purely civilian targets maybe less likely than some fear.

And in the end, they hope what they have left is a clearer picture of the worldwide terror network and how it really works. Can John McCain reenergize his campaign by taking it right to the people? Candy Crowley will take a look. That's coming up next. And swear you know ph who? A member of Congress says he believes in democracy, but not in God.

See a Problem?

What do voters think about that? The most news in the morning is right here on CNN. Valerie Plame is heading to Capitol Hill in just a little bit.

Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...
Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...
Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...
Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...
Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...
Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...
Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of... Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel, sort of...

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