Tough Parents for Tough Times

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Being able to love and have compassion when it's hard Loving them without expectation? In those moments when I want to react, give up or shut down, I have to remind myself to not only be compassionate towards them, but to show compassion for myself. Because compassionate isn't a virtue we are born with, it's a choice.

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I have days when I'm off -- financial worries, work stress, relationship conflicts weigh heavily on me. I have days when I'm over-tired and my patience is paper thin. Then I realize my kids are the same.

10 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Parents

They can't be happy and content days a year. They have days they wake up tired. Or I ask them to do things they just don't want to do. Or they don't get their way.

need more help?

Hell, I can throw a good temper tantrum when I don't get MY way, so isn't my 2-year-old or 5-year-old entitled to at least that? I think all parents are doing the best they can in the moment.

Parenting With Compassion: On the Days It's Really Hard

We can't compare ourselves to what everyone else is doing. We can't measure our parenting worth by our child's behavior and how it stacks up against someone else's.

Every child will have their own perception as an adult of what their childhood was like growing up. I think what they remember most is, were we present with them?

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  8. Did we listen to them even in the moments they were being unreasonable and angry? Did we show them compassion and empathy when they were being "difficult"? I know my parents did and that's what I remember the most. It's not easy.

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    But if we aren't compassionate with ourselves, how will our children learn to be compassionate towards others and themselves? How will they learn to treat themselves with kindness as they get older and occasionally screw up? I've never seen a human being happy or move forward in life by constantly beating themselves up or not forgiving themselves for their mistakes. So for today, I'm practicing compassion. For my imperfections and sometimes messy attempt at parenting.

    I most love what Brene Brown said in one of her lectures, "Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together. Request a Pack Library. Our online shop features Skylight's own publications and other specialist titles from New Zealand and around the world. Search titles, keywords or category headings by clicking the shop button. Children need parents to help them with the tough times. You might also be interested in: What children need from their parents Children need parents to protect them from conflict Working out the arrangements for your children How to make arrangements for your children Getting on as separated parents New partners and step families Helping your child move between homes Tips for grandparents and other family Answering difficult questions from children Parenting Through Separation Course - Justice NZ Family dispute resolution Plunket - Parenting Through Separation.

    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times
    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times
    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times
    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times
    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times
    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times
    Tough Parents for Tough Times Tough Parents for Tough Times

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