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Sign in via OpenAthens. Change Password. Then make a melee attack against the target. If it hits, it deals weapon damage as normal. If your Craft check succeeded, your target loses its shield bonus to AC against this and other attacks this round, and your attack deals an additional 1d6 points of damage.

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You emanate an aura that either enhances the perceptions of those within it or makes them warped and twisted. Once per round as a free action , you can change which of these effects is applied. You ensnare yourself and a foe in a reflective relationship. For one round, any such effect targeting that opponent also targets you and vice versa , even if it normally could not affect that many targets or one of you would be out of range. Drawing on your power over reflections and mimicry, you copy an effect from your victim.

If it hits, it deals weapon damage as normal, and you can choose one spell or power affecting the target. You gain the effects of the spell or power, just as if it had been cast or manifested on you, except that its duration is equal to its duration or a number of rounds equal to your initiation modifier whichever is lower.

If you do not have any knowledge of the spells or powers affecting the target, then choose one at random. Like obsidian, you create a reflection that is beautiful, dark, and deadly at the edge of your weapon. After initiating this boost, you gain an insight bonus equal to your ranks in one Craft skill chosen when you initiate this boost on melee damage rolls for one round.

With an act of will, you distort reality to avoid harm.

You can initiate this counter in response to making a saving throw. With a hideous strike, you distort the perceptions of your enemies. Make an attack. In addition, a struck target becomes cursed for a number of rounds equal to your initiation modifier, regardless of whether or not it succeeded on its save. By bending the light near yourself, you create a deceptive defense against assault.

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When you enter this stance, you gain the benefits of a mirror image spell with a caster level equal to your initiator level. Instead of the normal amount of mirror images generated, you create one image for every four initiator levels you possess minimum 1 , and the effect lasts until you enter another stance, at which point any remaining images fade. Your will creates a glimmering mirror of your assaults, afflicting two enemies at once. If the strike requires an attack roll , use the same attack roll against both targets.

With your will and your weapon, you shatter reality as you would shatter a mirror, shredding your enemies with false glass.

"Shattered Mirror"

This cone deals 3d6 points of magical slashing damage to each creature caught within it. You and the initial target of this strike do not take damage from this cone. Make a melee touch attack with a weapon you are wielding. You catch your enemy in the reflection of your blade and twist reality like a funhouse mirror, leaving an unfair trade. The next time this round that you make an attack that hits, you may select one power, psi-like ability, spell, or spell-like ability affecting the struck creature. That creature loses the benefits of the chosen effect and you gain them for a number of rounds equal to your initiation modifier.

Select a power, psi-like ability, spell, or spell-like ability affecting you. You lose the chosen effect and the struck creature gains it for a number of rounds equal to your initiation modifier. You may only move up to three times your highest movement speed in one round using this maneuver. You can only use this counter against a given opponent once per round. Like an unquiet spirit, you travel through light and reflections, striking down those foolish enough to tempt your wrath. Alternately, you may make a melee attack and then teleport to unoccupied space within medium range.

In either case, the attack you make deals weapon damage as normal plus an additional 4d6 points of damage. While affected, the target becomes cursed, and whenever it deals damage by any means during this time it takes an equal amount of damage of the same type s. Smoke witches are powerful healers and they do not fight or hunt vampires.

Shattered Mirror (episode)

Caryn belongs to a group known as Single-Earth which is a peaceful collective of vampires, witches, shape-shifters and humans. Caryn also appears in the novel Demon in My View. Kaleo : Kaleo is one of the eldest vampire that hunters have been trying to kill and is a direct fledgling of Kendra. He was attracted to Nissa and wanted to turn her into a vampire. After she refused, Kaleo killed Nissa's father in front of Nicholas and threatened to kill Nicholas if Nissa wouldn't allow him to turn her.

Over his long lifespan, he's made many fledglings from women he was attracted to. He also has many bloodbonds humans bounded to a vampire , including his favorite, Heather, who he's had for three hundred years. Kaleo enjoys bright colors, especially bright red. Nissa Ravena : Nissa is Christopher's and Nicholas's older sister. She was born around in the southern US.

She is a talented artist, which attracted Kaleo to her. She was also attracted Kaleo but refused to be turned into a vampire.

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After Kaleo killed Nissa's father and threatened to kill Nicholas, Nissa agreed to being turned. Several years later, she turned Nicholas, who turned Christopher a day later. Nissa has always lived a peaceful lifestyle. Though she feeds on humans, she doesn't kill them.

At the start of the book, she is attending the same school as Sarah. After his sister, Christine, is injured, physically and mentally, by vampires, Robert attempts to become a vampire hunter. He believes that Nikolas is the one responsible for Christine's injures. Christine Richards : Christine is a human and the older sister to Robert.

The Shattered Mirror by Barbara J Pond -

She was accidentally brought to a vampire bash by Heather, Kaleo's bloodbond human bounded to a vampire. Nikolas liked her and drank blood from her. He carved his name into her arm, however, using vampiric powers, Christine felt no pain. When she told Nikolas that her name is Christine, he got upset because it reminded him of the girl with the same name that he had killed as a human.

Nikolas wanted to keep Christine as a bloodbond but she said she had to return to her brother. At the point, Nikolas got angry because humans with a family aren't supposed to be invited to a vampire bash, and told Kaleo to get rid of her. Kaleo drank her blood, injured her, bloodbonded her, and left her in a middle of a front yard, all without Nikolas's knowledge.

The authorities all assumed that Nikolas was the one who injured her because his name was carved into her arm. Because of this experience and Kaleo continuing to secretly drink blood from her, Christine is mentally scarred. She hates colors, particularly red.

Shattered Mirror

She color everything in her room black and white, Nikolas's colors. She refuses to be called Christine, instead going by Kristin. Seeking revenge, her younger brother, Robert, attempts to become a vampire hunter.

The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror The Shattered Mirror
The Shattered Mirror

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