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We offer space for up to guests, just a few minutes from the Appalachian Trail, lightning fast wireless internet, a stones throw from the PA antique capital, and ponies to ride! So far no arrests were made.

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The men spotted around the barn had left the scene by the time the police arrived. Skip to main content. Crime Top Stories. Storm damage reveals massive cocaine lab.

Cocaine lab found in a barn in Oud-Vossenmeer, 6 June Photo: Politie. Search form Search.

Storm damage reveals massive cocaine lab

Top stories Recent stories. Its eyes were as golden as its hair, and in them Courtney saw more fear and anguish than he had thought a creature capable of. Courtney looked at Rod, whose eyes were still locked on the creature. Just as he himself broke away from its golden gaze, Courtney noticed the shotgun laying against the wall of the old barn.

His heart was racing now, threatening to burst out of his chest at any moment. The angel was practically singing in his ears now, its voice sweet and melodic, and its freedom suddenly seemed an urgent necessity. What would it even do if I did? Where would it go, Court? Pick up a Big Mac? A stray dog, a mutt Rod had found limping around the streets of the nearby town, collarless and mangy.

Courtney had listened to the horrible details of the shooting a few days later as Rod recounted them with horror in his young eyes. Rod had shot the dog four times before it died, its loud death throes giving way to weak whimpers in the end as it slowly bled out behind the very barn they stood in now. All Rod had said after his story was that it was a mistake, over and over again.

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  8. Rod nervously glanced at the door of the barn, a million miles away from where the men now stood. An angel? The voice of the angel begged him to kill the man. Its voice was so sweet, so innocent, so urgent. There was a long moment of silence in which neither man moved and time seemed to freeze in the dank confines of the barn. When it happened, it happened quickly.

    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn
    The Fallen Barn The Fallen Barn

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