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Sort order. Nov 27, Michelle rated it really liked it. Each two-page spread visually represents the numbers from one to fifteen consecutively, and then from twenty to one-hundred by increments of ten in several different ways. Each numeral is represented in bold yellow text against a teal background, with the name of the number spelled out in bold, capital letters, the number represented again in dots, and then again in a photograph of a corresponding image.

Although, the jump from fifteen to twenty and from consecutive counting to counting by tens feels a bit jarring, and may be confusing for beginning counters, I still feel this book has immense value in terms of teaching children about numbers and the concept of counting in such a variety of visual expressions. The numerical representations are straightforward and unadorned. The bright yellow numerals are easy to see against the attractive plain field of teal, as are the spelled out words and the dots representing each number.

The photographic images in the book are visually interesting and are, for the most part, images that will be recognizable and familiar in the world of a young child. When using the dots with children I would have then count with me in that pattern and formation to reinforce the practice of following print from left to right and from top to bottom. We would talk about the images in the photographs and count again. When confronting the larger numbers represented in the book, I would decide how best to proceed based upon the age and developmental abilities of the child.

One-hundred is a really big number! Look at all those dots! Mar 31, Shelby Haltom rated it liked it Shelves: children-s-lit. This book counts from one to fifteen, and then skip counts until the big finale of one hundred. Not only does the book list the number, it places the appropriate number of dots and a picture which represents said number.

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I like this book, and how it shows different ways to represent a number. I like how there are photographs and not just illustrations. I would use this book in a younger classroom. Sep 21, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens. From numbers 1 to counting by tens after 20 , each 2-page spread has the number, the number spelled, the number in dots, and the number depicted in items in a picture.

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The number is a bold yellow against a bright blue background, the number spelled is always in white, as are the dots. The dots are in sets of ten. This seems like a book a mathematician would love, yet simple enough for a child to understand the concepts.


Feb 22, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: children-s-literature. This book was about counting numbers. There was the counting of numbers from 1 to Along with going by tens. There were pictures to represent the number counted. I liked how the photographs represented the number counted by the use of things we see in the everyday world. I also appreciated the bright and bold numbers.

This would be great to use in the classroom when learning to count and relating it to the real world. Oct 04, Rachel Coleman rated it really liked it. I like how this shows different way to represent and it is useful for kids to see. I would definitely use this book at home and in my classroom. Aug 18, T. Feb 05, Lauren Voland rated it really liked it Shelves: exploring-public-library. This is a good book for counting but that's about it. It doesn't have many words. The book goes up to , skipping some numbers in between.

One one page, it has the number then a picture of the amount shown on the next page. For example, the number 20 would be on the first page then the next one would have 20 mannequin heads. Although there's not much reading to this, it is a cool book to learn how to count because you can count things in real life rather than just dots or lines. Jul 07, Candice Mckinnon rated it liked it Shelves: math-book-shelf. Let's Count is a good, simple book for young kids who are learning how to count. It includes pictures to go along with the numbers and the print is large and very visible.

The book counts consecutively up to 15, and then skips by 5 and then by 10's to This may be confusing for beginning counters, but overall it is a decent counting book. Nov 06, Katie Jackson rated it really liked it Shelves: concept-book. This book is great for children learning to count. It provides the number in number form, in written form, with dots, and with objects we see in every day life such as balloons. The pages have big lettering and big pictures to help the children.

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Dec 16, Mary Sesar rated it really liked it Shelves: concept , picture-book. This book is provides a very visual way for students to help them grasp the idea of numbers, counting, and how many of each number looks like.

Let Count Fish! Each page is filled with brightly colored pictures of funny fish to count. They live under the water and have different colors. She also likes the other smaller details on the pages.

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When I asked her to point out some of her favorite features, she showed me the bottom of the boat and the fishing hook. My infant son also seems to enjoy the colorful illustrations. He stares at and points to the pictures when he sits on my lap as I read the book aloud to him. Each page offers young learners the chance to count, color, write, and practice other early education skills. I plan to use the activity book later in the year as far of my homeschool preschool curriculum. The rhymed text of the book is fun to read again and again, and the brightly colored and wacky illustrations make counting exciting for young learners.

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I love toys that encourage imaginative play in my children. While screens have a place in learning, I much rather prefer With summer reading programs in full swing, I am always looking for new books to share with my kiddos. I especially I have always loved words and enjoy learning new words all the time. As a kid, I would read the dictionary My kids quite enjoy look-and-find books, especially my four-year-old son. We also love flipping through the pages of nonfiction picture books My kids and I love looking at books about nature, especially nature books full of gorgeous illustrations.

My preschooler son really Connect To Top. Reviews September 25, This post may contain affiliate links.

Lets Count Lets Count
Lets Count Lets Count
Lets Count Lets Count
Lets Count Lets Count
Lets Count Lets Count

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