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Volunteer sign-up sheets remain wrenchingly white. It is the difference between polite applause and spontaneous affection, abiding a handshake and demanding a selfie.

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It is the difference between a former governor and a future president. A woman nearby noticed the small gathering through a window and approached Ms. Rosenblum, curious to know who had reserved the space. Other indignities have been more public. Before the first Democratic debate in Miami, a security guard mistook Mr.

Hickenlooper for a reporter. Jay Inslee of Washington. On the campaign trail, he has leaned on business analogies to explain himself. Asked in an interview about a recent staff exodus that saw his campaign manager, finance director and communications director leave, Mr. Hickenlooper recalled his personnel turnover once at an underperforming restaurant in Kentucky. Asked by a voter how he might overcome the intractability of Mitch McConnell as president, Mr.

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Hickenlooper appeared to liken the Senate majority leader to a moody patron. Hickenlooper added. Then again, he did not propose an alternative tack. On policy, Mr. Hickenlooper has moved to establish himself as the sensible antidote to leftist overcorrection. In June, he earned cascading boos at the California state party convention with a speech rejecting socialism.

Hickenlooper said in the interview. On personality, he has reached often for whimsy.

He recounted during a CNN forum the time he accidentally went to an X-rated movie with his mother. Hickenlooper tweeted.

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Here are the lineups. After months of internal friction and, according to Mr. Hickenlooper, a meeting at which several senior advisers suggested he drop out and run for the Senate, his new and remaining aides say this is their most viable strategy: letting Mr. Hickenlooper be himself. His circle now comprises a mix of true believers determined to see him shine and mercenary professionals happy to attach themselves to a presidential campaign. Recent hires have included veterans of the stalled prospective candidacy of Howard Schultz, the billionaire former chief executive of Starbucks, and the failed Chicago mayoral bid of William M.

Cunningham gestured toward the strawberry and chocolate shakes he had procured between events. He settled for strawberry. But Mr. Hickenlooper has also retained admirers deeply committed to his cause. He was joined in Hanover by a friend and supporter, Minyoung Sohn, who appeared to choke up while introducing him. Alan Salazar, a former senior Hickenlooper aide in Colorado, suggested it was a mistake to ever count him out. As he prepared to enter the race several months ago, he privately assured associates he had a handle on how to distinguish himself. How do we know?

We know because Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey are in studio to chat about the new rugby season. How do Leinster top the perfect season? How do Ulster survive the departure of a full back-line? How will Andy Friend lift Connacht? Who has made better signings than Munster? Spoiler Alert: Nobody. There's also a mad finish to the All-Ireland under hurling final, an even madder finish to the Kerry hurling final and almost no mention of the Pope. Limerick, you're a Feels weird to even say it but it's true.

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After all the decades of broken-hearted journeys home from Croke Park, after finding every possible way on every possible day not to do it, Limerick finally ended their year famine. Pay Nugent is back in situ as we break down what was ultimately a poor All-Ireland final saved by a madcap ending and an incredible story. Why were Galway so flat? How did Mike Casey do so well on Johnny Glynn? Will Limerick dominate for years now or will they even get out of Munster in ?

Sean Moran and Keith Duggan join us to break down the final game in the greatest hurling championship.

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Or maybe you'll want to after you hear his verdict on it. After 10 years of more downs than ups, of more slings and arrows than outrageous fortune, of people presuming the good times were gone and were never coming back Tiger Woods nearly won a major again on Sunday night.

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Keith Duggan joins us to break down the weekend's All-Ireland football semi-finals as Tyrone took care of Monaghan and Dublin laid waste to Galway. And we try to settle the question that hangs over the football championship - are Dublin actually enjoyable to watch?

Ian O'Riordan has one job to do before vacating his boutique Berlin bolthole and coming home from the European Athletics Championships and that's fill us on a mixed week for Irish athletics. Outside of Thomas Barr and Ciara Mageean, he reckons there wasn't a whole lot to shout about. And since we're now a gymnastics powerhouse, we felt it was only right to get Cliona Foley on the line to tell us all about Rhys McClenaghan, the pommel horse prince of Newtownards.

Nothing like a wholesome, happy sporting triumph to bring on a good dose of political cynicism. Sports minister Shane Ross couldn't even allow the Ireland women's hockey team make it through their homecoming parade without elbowing his way into the spotlight. Johnny Watterson is in studio to round off the good news story of the sporting summer with reality's cold, dead hand.

Inside the White House, aides and advisers are despondent over a wasted month

Monday morning, coming down. This is what a hurling hangover feels like. After a weekend of unbelievable action at Croke Park, we're pale and drawn and washed out by it all. But if the hurlers can go again, we can too. Not all heroes wear helmets. Sean Moran is in studio to put some order on it all for us. The mighty Natalya Coyle has had an amazing summer in the modern pentathlon, winning her first ever silver medal at a World Cup and leading the Irish team to a podium finish in the European Championships.

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She's in for a visit to tell us about her rise through the ranks, balancing her training and how Ireland accidentally won a silver medal in Hungary. And the Ireland women's hockey team will play a World Cup quarter-final on Thursday, having topped their pool as the surprise packages of the tournament in London. Johnny Watterson was there last week and joins us to break down how this has happened and what hockey needs to do to capitalise on their moment in the spotlight.

Find what you're looking for: 2. Now that's what Sundays in the summer are for. From Clones to Carnoustie, it was hard to know where to look at times, such was the sheer gut-gouging drama of it all.



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