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We are a small group of people with the same passion. We strive to help the under dogs, we aim to help the ones that are often overlooked. The ones that need some extra time and training, the ones that need to learn to trust again. We will help any dog that we are able to help but our focus is on the ones that need extra help to be adoptable.

We are their voice, their bridge to a happy and loving forever home! Please check out all of our dogs, they are amazing in their own unique way. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! We are currently a foster based rescue, but we would be happy to set up a meet and greet for you and any of our amazing dogs! Over the course of the exhibition, Kurtz will be in residence at the gallery every Saturday and Sunday.

Each weekend Kurtz will perform his act of creation, literally bringing new sculptures to life for gallery visitors. Will Kurtz was born in Flint, Michigan, and began his art practice at the age of 50, after working many years as professional landscape architect. He currently lives and works in New York City. Founded in Miami Beach in , Avant Gallery is committed to expanding the discourse of contemporary art by supporting bold innovation, dynamic practices and visual experimentation.

The gallery represents an eclectic range of emerging and mid-career artists. Raven, backing up across a parking lot only to get flattened and licked yet again. It runs into an alley; Robin and Cyborg go in after it, followed by Raven and Starfire. Close-up of them, panning slowly across. Now it is evening. Cyborg : little drop of sweat on his temple Dog-Boy here confused me with a fire hydrant.

The dog pokes out of a trash can. It lets go with a colossal belch that brings up the bumper from the trashed car. Tilt up from it to the four Titans, who stare in shock for a long, silent moment. The jaws open, and out snakes that wet tongue, several feet of it, to be exact, to lick Raven's face. Retracting it, the dog pants happily before jumping out of the trash can.

Cut to just below a sewer grate; it runs up, turns its body into a mass of slime to ooze through the bars, and solidifies again to makes its escape. Street level: the four heroes eye the grate suspiciously. Cyborg : Ummm Pan to Robin and Raven; she wipes her face. Dissolve to an overhead view of Soto's ship, now parked in a clearing, and zoom in slowly. Inside, he straightens up and strains to pull the collar off his neck, without success. A vein throbs on his forehead. As he falls backward, losing his balance, we see that a red energy leash has been attached.

Pull back; Soto sits nearby, watching him, and gasps happily. In the light, his clothing is seen to be a full-body jumpsuit with many patches sewn on, as well as gloves and boots built in.

Every Dog Has His Day (Transcript)

The outfit strongly resembles a giant pair of child's "footie" pajamas. He becomes a bobcat, roars at full voice, and leaps, but Soto presses a switch on a remote control in his hand and the leash pulls taut to cut off the rush. Beast Boy is yanked back to the floor; the other end of the tether is now anchored to an eyebolt driven in there. Getting to his feet, he eyes it for a moment and then tries another lunge only to have it stopped when the slack runs out. Soto laughs and claps as he flails his paws and then becomes a crane.

Pecking at the leash does no good; ditto when he becomes an alligator and tries to bite through it. Donkey, monkey, hippopotamus, fish, none of these forms allows him to slip free of the collar, which grows or shrinks as needed to fit him every time. Even as a pterodactyl, he cannot get free. Soto laughs and claps before getting to his feet. Soto : grabbing and hugging Beast Boy You are not Soto's dog! He resumes human form. You are better than Soto's dog! He drops the new "pet" to land on a group of cushions, then offers him a dish of assorted strange foods.

The shape-shifter gets to his feet; in an instant, he has become a giraffe.

For Every Dog an Angel by Christine Davis

Soto stares, thunderstruck, and laughs after a moment. Beast Boy : points at his collar Uh, hello?

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Aren't we forgetting something? Long pause; Soto suddenly becomes angry. The press of a switch sends a strong electric shock through the Titan's body; he turns into a parrot. Shock; now we have a green mouse and the stone-faced alien laughs hard enough for his head to flap briefly off his neck. Soto : Change! Shock; a sullen gorilla. You're the best dog ever! And now, you are Soto's new dog!

A Bioethicist Explains Why Your Pet Is Not a ‘Furry Little Human’

Beast Boy grunts softly and resumes human form. He is sick to the teeth of the whole situation. Beast Boy : Say what?! Soto's eyes tear up. Soto : voice trembling You He laughs and backs o. Cut to the helm. Soto is adjusting the controls, which look very much like the sort of toys a toddler might play with: bright colors, simple shapes, little bells that ring when buttons are pressed.

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The new house pet swallows very hard at the prospect of relocation. Zoom in slowly and fade to black.

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Opening shot: the dark upper reaches of a sewer tunnel. Tilt down to Robin, Raven, and Starfire, to the sound of water dripping; the green dog makes its way across the screen behind them, and they head after it. The barking canine turns into a side tunnel, and after it has passed out of view, the camera pans to Cyborg hiding around a corner. He yells and dives out, getting all ten fingers around the animal, but only for a moment, as it slithers out of his grasp in the same way it escaped down the sewer grate.

Off it goes around another corner. Robin : The alien ship must have come here looking for the green dog Close-up of Cyborg, nonplussed, during this, then the group again. Cut to the other three Titans and zoom in on Raven, who stands between and behind Robin and Starfire. These two throw knowing glances toward her, having figured out what Cyborg has in mind; her eyes dart uneasily back and forth. Dissolve to a patch of sidewalk, where the extraterrestrial pooch is sniffing at a tree. The sound of Raven clearing her throat o. She sighs wearily and beckons.

Hearts pop briefly in the doggie's eyes, and it is off like a shot in no time flat. The four feet are pounding across the cement, closing fast on the extremely reluctant live bait; just as it gets close enough to jump at her, though, Starfire swoops down and places a large glass globe in the path.

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This item has a hinged lid, open, and the aperture is turned toward the dog. A panicked yelp, a skid of paws on the sidewalk, and it slides neatly into the container. Its speed flips the thing up 90 degrees, putting the hatch toward the sky, and Robin leaps down to slam it shut. Growling angrily, the imprisoned dog tries a quick shape change, then a lash of its overlong tongue, but neither can even crack the walls. The four Titans gather around it. Robin We just have to figure out how he can lead us to the spaceship.

I can run a chemical analysis on his fur, see where he's been. Cyborg : I can do a molecular scan. Maybe he and the ship have the same isotopic signature.

Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog
Every Dog Every Dog

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