Depth of Revenge: A Novel

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The atmosphere is a distinct match for his persona as he awaits his return to the grave … Bob Van Laerhoven deftly crafted his storyline.

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There are times that you will flinch as the poverty and practices of this city under siege are quite grim. Paris is a time period I am not familiar with, nor did the name Baudelaire mean anything to me. So I was educated and entertained at the same time. The cover definitely fits this book perfectly. I love it. How should I rate something that's well written but at the same time caused me nausea with how dark it is, and the fact that it contains incest ….

Yes, twilight to the blackest of nights. And there is a difference, trust me. I feel that the most powerful and memorable character of the book is Poupeye.

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When I read his diary entries, they branded themselves into my mind …. It's nearly impossible for me to explain the plot! It's a murder mystery, but it's darker and full of twists and turns. Some you will see coming and some will hit you right out of the blue.

I did like the setting and I know that historically it's accurate to the time. Obviously the Baudelaire story line is fiction, but very entertaining nonetheless. I will warn you that this story is very dark.

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Overall I did end up enjoying it and if you like a dark, gritty read you may enjoy it as well. It has to be said. Okay, that is not my entire review but I wish that it could be. Van Laerhoven could do that. This is not some simple mystery novel. This is a novel that is steeped in history and mystery. Not to mention, well developed characters whom Mr.

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Van Laerhoven has taken the time to truly introduce you. Van Laerhoven paints it as it was. This was an interesting book. It was very atmospheric, and the author—particularly early on when introducing characters—had a very lyrical way with the descriptions. Little things that painted a vivid image without overdoing it, and I liked that a lot. The setting was also painted this way, the backdrop of Paris during the Franco-Prussian war and events of Paris that followed. The same with Baudelaire. Another area not my expertise, but a well painted picture.

The primary characters are remarkably flawed, but intriguing. Through them and salient points of their history, the story is carried along at a wonderful pace.

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It steadily builds in mystery and tension, and some humor, and carried me with its intrigue. I will note that this is definitely an adult book, as many themes, conditions and acts related to violence or sex mostly sex were discussed or written out. The author had an almost clinical way with those scenes, however, that I think added well to the atmosphere. It was intriguing Baudelaire's Revenge makes for an exquisite and addictive read.

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The setting is fabulous, the lead character anything but dull and boring he's a real firecracker despite his age! Baudelaire's Revenge explores some of the darkest corners of human soul and psyche, and it does it in an utmost flamboyant fashion. It is an astoundingly substantial and complex novel for its pages, and it really shines a new light on certain often shocking and yet mesmerizing events and aspects of life in the 19th century France.

Abundant in social metaphors and cleverly narrated, it's a novel fun to read but also one that leaves you craving more, wanting to learn more about the time period and the people. Especially Charles Baudelaire himself, whom I always thought to be completely fascinating Van Laerhoven paints a vivid and disturbing picture of the society in 19th century France It's heavy and suffocating, but it's also curious and illuminating.

Thought provoking.

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I loved the period appropriate language, the gruesomely detailed descriptions and, most of all, the beautifully rendered world, bursting with flavor and intensity. I really hope there is more where this came from, I need this to be a series of books, I can't stand to part with this bold, deeply sensual, deliciously gothic world. I need more. The author manages to create an oppressive and gothic atmosphere that reeks of lust, drugs, poverty, decadence, corruption, misery and illness There are no heroes coming to the rescue and even the characters we feel we should root for are deeply flawed.

Once you start, you are caught in the stream of a story that is fascinating and exciting. The language is beautiful, flowing. A must-read! A finely-tuned balancing act between style and content. Add to all this the extremely convincingly painted tragic characters and the multitude of mysterious figures, and what you get is a winner who gives added luster to this jubilee edition of the Hercule Poirot Prize. Dark and gruesome scenes, researching the period of an historical crime novel. Interview with author Bob Van Laerhoven. Smart and well-crafted. Explicit, but engaging, I greatly enjoyed the time I spent with this book.

The atmosphere of Paris , with its catacombs, its dirt, its hunger and despair, is so real you would not want to go out by night in Paris if you were there as you read the book! I have to admit the writing is incredibly good, the suspense of the main plots and sub-plots will not let you sleep. And I have rarely read a book that manages so well to drag you down to the depth of its darkness. It was a world of pure madness, of insane fantasy, of sick eroticism. Following very suspenseful plots, you will discover a shocking world superbly re-crafted for you.

Ernest Hemingway wrote Fitzgerald a cutting letter about the book, accusing him of cheating with his material; by starting with the Murphys and then changing them into different people, Hemingway contended, Fitzgerald had produced not people at all but beautifully faked case histories. Now in their seventies, the Murphys today are not inclined to think very much about the past. Almost every incident, he became aware, almost every conversation in the opening section of the book had some basis in an actual event or conversation involving the Murphys, although it was often altered or distorted in detail.

The ballet was the focal center of the whole modern movement in the arts. Certainly no two Americans could have been more ideally conditioned by background and temperament to recognize and respond to everything that was going on, or to feel so thoroughly at home in the excitement of the modern movement. Sara Murphy, the eldest of three daughters of a Cincinnati ink manufacturer named Frank B.

Wiborg, had spent a large part of her childhood in Europe with her mother and sisters. Their paternal grandfather was Norwegian. Through family connections—Mrs.

Depth of Revenge: A Novel Depth of Revenge: A Novel
Depth of Revenge: A Novel Depth of Revenge: A Novel
Depth of Revenge: A Novel Depth of Revenge: A Novel
Depth of Revenge: A Novel Depth of Revenge: A Novel
Depth of Revenge: A Novel Depth of Revenge: A Novel

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