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United States -- Golden Gate Bridge. Calendar For The Year National Basketball League. First total solar eclipse. Joe Louis. Hong Kong Typhoon. King George VI. Franklin D.

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Old Age Insurance Benefits. Overall, just 35 percent of the , Brazilian immigrants in the United States as of were naturalized citizens—well short of the 50 percent rate for all immigrants. More than 1 million immigrants became legal permanent residents LPRs in , and fewer than 15, of them were from Brazil. The most common way for Brazilians to adjust to LPR status also known as getting a green card was as immediate relatives of U. Figure 7. In , Brazilian immigrants were uninsured at higher rates than the foreign-born and U.

Most immigrants from Brazil have private health insurance, and they utilize public health insurance at lower rates than both the overall immigrant and the U.

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Figure 8. Health Coverage for the U. Population by Nativity, Note: The sum of shares by type of insurance is likely to be greater than because people may have more than one type of insurance. According to ACS estimates, approximately , people of Brazilian ancestry, including those born in Brazil and their U. Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook , August 21, Available online.

Various years. Yearbook of Immigration Statistics. Gibson, Campbell and Kay Jung. Working Paper No. Atlas of Violence. Census Bureau: Version 9. Skidmore, Thomas E. Brazil: Five Centuries of Change , 2 nd ed. New York: Oxford University Press.

Rough Trade West, London

Census Bureau. American Community Survey. American FactFinder. Accessed August 28, World Bank. Annual Remittances Data. Updated April Skip to main content. Brazilian Immigrants in the United States. Adjust Font. August 29, By Brittany Blizzard and Jeanne Batalova. Brazilians in New York City. Photo: Malcolm Tredinnick. Definitions The U. Opened in , Amoeba Music Hollywood is a hangar-sized emporium with an utterly awe-inspiring catalogue of music that makes Tower Records look positively quaint.

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Quite possibly the largest entertainment store in the whole of US, the shop occupies an entire city block on Sunset Blvd. The shop stocks millions of titles on vinyl, CD, tapes, 8-track and DVD, new and used, obscure and essential, and the stockpile is constantly evolving as customers trade in old collections. Spread across two ludicrously large floors, must-visit areas include the Jazz room, the Out of Print section, the Punk aisle and sections dedicated to pop culture ephemera.

The Amoeba Music chain was originally established in with a branch in Berkley. Seven years later Amoeba crossed the Bay to open its San Francisco location, in a converted bowling alley at the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park. A visit here is a bit like going to the Harry Potter Studios or doing a film location tour except without the gimmicks and loads of annoying tourists for company. Ironically, without ever knowing it, he became the voice of a generation in apartheid South Africa; more famous than Elvis and more influential than the Rolling Stones.

And Rodriguez was just as shocked to find out how popular he was here. What started as a straight-up dance music shop quickly expanded into an electronic music mecca, stocking recording equipment, DJ gear and all the latest in music tech. The store also now runs a blossoming distribution company, supplying vinyl to shops around the world. The stock spans techno, house, dubstep, disco, hip-hop, reggae, soul, jazz and everything in between but without doubt the Rubadub expertise remains rooted in new and underground sounds from Glasgow to Chicago. They do ship internationally, after all.

Located in the increasingly hip seaside town of Margate, Transmission finally opened its doors at the start of Launched by Death Waltz Recording Co. Come here for an expert selection of used and new vinyl, collectibles, original artwork and prints. The vinyl stock is an extension of what the duo have been retailing online for some time now, so expect a large selection from Mondo, One Way Static, Waxworks and their own label, and an entire section dedicated to rare Japanese imports.

For its soundtrack expertise and unbridled obsession with gothic horror, Transmission is shaping up to be an essential stop on the world circuit. Based in a city that has a relatively small market for underground dance music, and an even smaller stock of DJs, building an international reputation has elevated Public Possession into one of the most conceptually interesting stores around.

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In fact — putting L. Real Groovy has weathered a chequered past, moving location multiple times and just about managing to survive the recession — when lots of store worldwide closed — to revitalise itself as vinyl-orientated fun palace. Apparently past customers have been as varied as Kurt Cobain and Stephen Fry. The warehouse-like operation covers an enormous vinyl and CD collection, pop-culture ephemera, DVDs, tees, books graphic novels, quirky homeware, figurines and even their own brand of soda pop.

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Humorous and upbeat staff help keep the vibe super friendly. We want to give tips to young diggers and open them up to a range of music tastes.

Spend an hour in the shop and their eclectic approach is sure to rub off. As much as we love the Amoebas , Rough Trades and Disk Unions of this world, the essence of the independent record shop lies very much in its personality as defined by the people who work there.

Rough Trade West, London

No trip to Warsaw is complete without a rummage at our favourite Polish rare cuts institute. Weisfeld had spent five years, starting in , sleeping in his van and selling records on street corners, college campuses, fleamarkets or wherever he could find a space. Customers, both local and international, come for the rabbit hole experience; a seemingly never-ending, continually updating archive of quality, well-priced records. Not immediately obvious, Snickars is hidden behind and beneath a small art gallery, a cranky doorway leading to a dimly lit staircase that opens out into a huge basement space sure to get your pulse racing.

Unlike other more curated spots, Snickars rewards those who dig the deepest, so make sure you come with time and patience to spare. Ask nicely and you might even get to see the backroom. While Rio may not have the same reputation for record shops that Sao Paulo does keep an eye out in the next few weeks for that , the spiritual home of samba does offer a huge variety of options.

And while digging in the city is now harder than ever, there are still enough dusty second hand spots to get your kicks. Tracks, however is not one of them. Location: Oderberger Str. For those new to the shop, their excellent selection of reissues is also worth a dig. Location: 4th Ave. And why not? At the Minneapolis HQ, the space is large and the shelves well-stocked, with an estimated 50, records to choose from, six of which Prince popped in to cop on his final record shopping spree just days before his death earlier this year. A weighty recommendation indeed. Their joint obsession with rarities sent them hunting for vinyl all over Europe.

Eventually they decided to channel their efforts into a brick-and-mortar, opening Discos Paradiso in the Raval neighbourhood. Set against a backdrop of exposed white brick, the store is bright, minimal and easy to navigate, and its kicking backroom sound-system regularly plays host to in-stores and lives shows.

50 of the world’s best record shops

Location: Avenida Infante D. Perfect for cooling down after a boozy day in the sun, Flur delightfully spills out on to the River Tagus waterfront. Moura says the Lisbon scene is thriving and that the shop plays its role in representing the vast swathes of releases put out by local labels.

Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)
Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7) Brazil (Around the World in 80 Men Book 7)

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